Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Release Date - March 17th 2010

Elder Martin has been notified that his mission in Lithuania will end on March 17th.  We are planning to travel to Riga, Latvia to meet him at the mission home the evening of the 17th.  His previous release date was March 18th, which isn't a big deal, except we had already booked our airline tickets based on the previous date.  So we had to scramble our plans and we hope our plane isn't late on the 17th - since we will pick him up the same evening at 8:30.

We will spend a few days visiting the cities throughout Lithuania and then we will travel together to the temple in Helsinki Finland (where the Lithuanian saints attend).  We will then head to London and spend a few days in England before flying home.  We thought this may be our only chance to see the places Suzanne's family came from, but now with Matt being called to Scotland on his mission, we are likely to see more of the UK in the future! So we plan to swing by the Preston MTC to see where Matt is heading while we are at it.

We will all arrive in Salt Lake the late evening of March 27th, 2010.

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